About me

Degree in architecture but very passionate about working with new and innovative visual and communicative designs. Always with my everything into each job and complete each task to the very best of my ability. Currently seeking an exciting and inspiring work atmosphere that permits me to improve upon my knowledge and techniques in my chosen profession.

Who I Am?

Born in the 1988, Architect, in free time I design web sites and I've a lot of other different passions that outline my personality.


What I Do?

Research and analysis, design, graphic, communication, everything that tell a project or an idea from conceptualization to formalization.


Several years playing Rugby, a sport based on determination, perseverance, commitment and teamwork. Currently playing with Campoleone-Lanuvio rugby Team, I made this web site for them. Another passion is technological DIY (Raspberry pi, Arduino, 3D printers).


Where I Am?

Currently, I live and work in Toronto ON (Canada).


My History



- Drawing 2D/3D: AutoCad - SketchUp - Revit - Rhinoceros - Artlantis Studio - ArchiCad

- Graphic: Photoshop - Illustrator - Gimp - Inkspace - VRay

- ECDL (Certificate): Managing filles - Word processing - Spreadsheets - Database - Internet Presentation - Information and Communication 

Video editing: Premiere - Pinnacle Studio

- Web: Dreamweaver - Html - Css - Content Manager System (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) - Google Analytics - Google Adsense e Adwords



- Italian: native language

- English: Professional working proficiency

- Spanish: Professional working proficiency


- PMKTL: Honorable Mention at international architecture competition for students, by Archmedium. (Certificate)

- KULTUR FABRIK PERUGIA: Honorable Mention/1st Prize non-specialist jury  for the proposal for the refurbishment of Perugia's male prison. (Perugiassisi 2019). (Certificate 1)(Certificate 2)


- Raspberry Pi 

- Arduino

- 3d printing 


Let's talk about a new project

Excellent communication, Open mindedness, Adaptability, Analysis and resolution of problems.
These are just some of the many good reasons to work with me.

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cell: +1 647-550-6177 email: info@ggdimarino.com

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